My summer vacation essay

All schoolchildren, without exception, summer is the most favorite time. And it’s not even because it’s warm in the summer, but because it’s three months of vacation and no school or study. Perhaps, if such a long vacation were in winter, then we all also loved the winter. But someone, once decided that the best time to relax is summer.

For someone, summer is the sun, the sea is the beach, and for me it’s a village, a grandmother, a garden. And I do not regret a bit, that my summer holidays are exactly the same. At me all the summer any various. There are so many new and interesting things in the village. To begin with, you meet all your old acquaintances, who, like you came to the country for the summer. During the day you are all busy with household chores, and in the evening, under whatever tree, you are going to a whole company and telling about your life. Most often, go home early in the morning, although you know well that from the morning up and up to work. But it never frightened anyone.

Also in the summer holidays are entertainments such as hiking in the forest for berries and mushrooms. And if still a big campaign and with old friends, it turns out a whole campaign with shish kebabs and games. Also do not forget the trips to the stakes, and many more interesting things, because it is in the summer that the whole village just comes to life. And although many think that it is very difficult, always work, but in fact it is not. From the village, I always come much rested and tanned than my friends from the sea. I also can spend hours talking about my adventures when, besides them, how to show pictures from the sea and tell about nothing.

Also I believe that the big plus is that there is no Internet in the village and, even, the phone does not catch everywhere. It seems that there I am cut off from civilization and believe me, it’s just wonderful. This is a real holiday, which many now dream of.

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My summer vacation essay