Summary of “All the Summer in a Day” Bradbury

It constantly rains on Venus, and the sun appears every seven years only for two hours.

Thousands of days filled with rain, entirely composed of rain; rumble and shower, crystal waterfalls of hail, violent hurricanes, like tsunamis that flood the islands.

None of the colonists, except the girl Margot, does not remember what the sun looks like. The girl remembers him, because she flew to Venus from Earth, where she saw him all the time. Classmates do not like Margot for the fact that she is unlike the other children of Venus. A fragile and sickly girl is afraid of water.

She looked as if she had been in the rain for several years, and he dissolved all the blue of her eyes, all the wrinkles of her lips, all the yellowness of her hair. She was an old, faded photograph from a dusty album.

There are rumors that the parents will take Margo to Earth, although they will lose many thousands of dollars on this.

Yesterday at the lesson, the children wrote poems

and stories about the sun. The best poem was written by Margot. She compares the sun with a golden coin, with fire, but classmates do not believe and envy her, her future. They cruelly laugh at the girl. On that unique day when you can see the sun in the sky of Venus, the children tell Margo that astronomers have made a mistake and are locked in a closet.

Finally, the rain stops and the sun appears.

It was very large, the color of a flame of bronze. He was surrounded by a dazzling blue sky. The forest burned in the sun.

The children, numb for a moment, come alive and run towards the spring. Two hours pass very quickly. On the palm of one of the girls falls the first drop, and again comes the time of seven-year rains.

Then the children remember about Margot.

They could not look into each other’s eyes. Their faces turned pale and serious. They looked down at their hands, on their feet.

They are ashamed by their act, they slowly go to the closet and release the captive.

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Summary of “All the Summer in a Day” Bradbury