Composition “Where I spent the summer”

This summer was interesting. The first month of rest was very much like the previous summer holidays, as I was staying in the city. However, the next two summer months turned out to be amazing for me – I spent them in the village with my aunt. It is with these days spent outside the city that the most vivid events and indelible impressions of my summer are connected with me.

Time in the village is going leisurely, not at all like in megacities. It creates the feeling that a whole month has passed, whereas in reality it’s only a week. My morning usually begins with the help of aunt in the garden. Our village is away from the village, and tap water is an unheard-of luxury. So I go to the well with two old iron buckets. The water in it is amazingly clean and very cold. I also help my aunt in the house, but at the first opportunity I play with friends.

I have good friends in the village. We spend all our free time together. In the hottest time we sit for hours on

the bank of the river. Having bathed, we frolic with might and main, we look at the passing barges. Once I flew from my aunt for not coming to dinner. And in fact, I did not want to eat at all, because together with Pashka’s friend we baked potatoes in a fire. It’s such a pleasure – to transfer from hand to hand the red-hot potatoes, and then break it and eat it in a piece. Do you agree that this is not a plate with cooked soup? And most importantly – how much romance and happiness in these summer days, held as if in a different world!

I spent summer evenings in a real wooden hut. As a rule, after dinner my friend was visited by my aunt. Sitting at a large round table, they drank tea. And I was hiding in a large stone stove, or looking at books, or “hacking”, as my grandmother liked to say. And in truth, I kept a diary, and, like Robinson Crusoe on an uninhabited island, counted the days left before returning to the city.

Sometimes it occurs to me that the village is an islet removed from the city, and life on it is subject to a different rhythm. Whether because of the proximity to nature, and perhaps simply because the big cities in an endless pursuit of technological progress have come off a calm, measured life. But anyway, I’m an urban person. So, my place is there. And yet, every time leaving this quiet island of tranquility, I will miss my village.

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Composition “Where I spent the summer”