“Valentine and Valentine” Roshchina in brief

“Valentine and Valentine” Roshchina in brief

The action takes place in our city today.

A room in the style of the fifties. Evening tea. In the chair Valentina’s grandmother, next to Valina’s mother, near the mirror – Zhenya, the elder sister. Waiting for Valya. Mother is indignant. It seems to her that Valya is too dissolute: in the metro she went into an embrace with a young man. The mother thinks that Valya will leave the institute, cripple his life, starve, produce beggars. Zhenya tries to explain to her that nothing else is happening, that everyone is walking around, but the mother does not want to listen.

Valentina comes home. The mother immediately begins to chastise her. She says that she is rolling on an inclined plane, that she has no shame left, that because of a stupid mistake she can break

her life, that she takes for love quite another, that at eighteen years the “boy” has no right to marry. Valya says that the mother treats him that way, because his mother is a conductor, and she will not choose-profitably-unprofitable-she will not. They have three rooms, can not there be room for him? But the mother screams that they do not expect that there is nothing to bury on their living space, asks Valya to remember that she does not have anything, and while she lives with them, she must do as they want. She forbids Vale even to see the boy. Valya runs away.

Apartment Valentine. His mother – Lisa, too, is not happy with his intention to get married. She does not have anything against Wali and against their meetings, but she thinks it’s too early to marry her son. Too hard they live, and starting at his age from scratch is even more difficult. They have nowhere to live, nothing to eat. Lisa is afraid that Valentine will not live with them in difficulties, and her family will never accept her son. However, she leaves her son with freedom of choice. Valentine escorts her mother on a voyage, promising to take care of her sisters. Katya, a neighbor, comes to see him. Katya is in love with him. Lisa believes that she is the best pair for Valentine, than Valya, because Katya is from among them. But the son

of a different opinion. Katya leaves for the village, and Valentine asks her to leave him the keys.

Valentina comes. First they only say that about their feelings. Then Valya asks how they will live. Valentine says that he will be transferred to a correspondence course, he will go to work. People even died for love! Valya is suffering because she has to constantly deceive everyone that she does not understand. Valentine is afraid that she will not survive, it will break.

Valentine has friends. They learn about the whole situation and decide to raise money to help them, so that they can begin. They also want to rent for a young room. At this time, Vali’s sister – Zhenya takes her with him to the party. There Valya gets acquainted with a young naval officer Alexander Gusev. He is single and looking for a friend of his life, the good in a material sense, everything goes well with him. He suggests that Vale marry him, but she says that she loves another.

A week passes. Katya’s room. All week Valya slowly carried away things from the house and hid them here. Yesterday she decided everything, did not go home, sent a girlfriend there to say that she would not come to spend the night. Valentine told his mother everything, she took the key and arranged everything, she said that she would not leave them. Valya suddenly tells Valentina that she did not send a girlfriend anywhere, she did not say anything to her parents: she lied that she was preparing to take credit from another girlfriend. She is ashamed that she wakes up in someone else’s house, that she is different, that her parents are probably already looking for her.

Lisa tells her friend and friend who drinks in her kitchen, about her son. Rita and Volodya support her. Volodya even wants to help with the young money. Unexpectedly, Zhenya and Valentina’s mother come. Lisa apologizes for her friends, and Valentina’s mother is horrified that her daughter goes to such a place, Zhenya apologizes for her mother. Valentina’s mother believes that their children get married early, that they need to be dissolved, not allowed to each other. Lisa does not agree with her. In her opinion, it is better to support children, so as not to injure their souls. Liza feels sorry for Valentine even more than her son. Enter Valentine and Valentine. Mother gives Valentine a slap in the face and says that her grandmother dies because of her. Valya can not but go with them. Lisa wants Valentin to catch up with them, but he refuses.

Valentine comes to friends who have already collected money for them, rented a room. Valentine says that all their efforts are in vain.

Valentine is at home, lying in bed, she has fever, chills, trembling. She does not want to see anyone. Mother deceived her: my grandmother did not even think about dying. This was just an excuse for Valya to return home. Vale says that everyone does just for her happiness. Valya jumps out of bed and wants to go to Valentine. Mother forbids her to leave the house. Zhenya pleads for Valya. She says that her life has already been broken, she will not give Valine any money. Mother surrenders, opens the door, says she is tired and that she can not anymore. Valya does not go away: she can not “finish off” the mother.

Valentine returns home. Volodya tells him that he must fight for his love, that he must go to Vale, marry her, and with work and housing Volodya will help. Valentine and his friend are trying to call Vale from the street, but she does not answer the phone. A passerby tells the boys about love. He says that love is when there is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing is scary. When people wait and believe that a person will come anyway. The guys are stunned. Valentine wants to be alone.

Valentina appears… They won the first victory.

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“Valentine and Valentine” Roshchina in brief