What is real friendship?

Friendship – this is quite complex for a clear definition of the concept, however, like all interpersonal relationships. What is real friendship, everyone understands in their own way. To answer this question, factors such as the environment of upbringing, national and cultural characteristics, interests and personal qualities of a person matter.

What does true friendship mean?

In friendship, there are some minor at first glance distinctions. For example, what is the difference between concepts like a friend and a friend? A partnership is a sympathy, an interesting communication based on common interests, a “sense of elbow” and a sense of support. We can say that the partnership can be the beginning of friendship, but it can remain at this level.

When answering the question of what real friendship means, one must take into account that this type of relationship is determined by the degree of people’s trust in each other. In my youth, it is

easy to start making friends, because the criteria and claims for trust in a particular person are still rather low. When communicating in a large company, people develop sympathy, which becomes the beginning of a friendly relationship.

Unlike the partnership, where the community of interests is the determining factor, there can be no friendship between the two people at all. How many times could you see examples of true friendship between absolutely, even radically different people. This effect is similar to the points of contact. If they exist and are preserved by people, then friendship, despite differences in lifestyle and priorities, continues to exist.

English psychologists conducted surveys of people in the UK, Japan, China and other countries to highlight the general rules of true friendship. It turned out, in spite of the difference in cultural and religious traditions, the basic criteria coincided. In a real friend for people it is important:

Ability to respect and value a friend as a person with all its shortcomings and oddities.

Ability to keep a secret trusted by a friend.


reward, that is, attention, support, help.

Also, from the studies, it was concluded that the emotional factor plays a more important role in female friendship than in the male. Unlike the older generation, where relations are built on a set of interests, mutual assistance and common pastime are of great importance for young people.

In order to truly truly trust a person, you need to go through with him a lot of life tests and troubles, make sure that a friend will not leave in trouble or an unpleasant situation. That is why people so appreciate the friends of their youth, which are tested by time and jointly experienced adversities.

As examples of true friendship, many famous people can be brought to life, leaving and not forgetting old friends. Favorite actors are Konstantin Khabensky and Mikhail Porechenkov, not only colleagues in the shop, but also close friends from the student’s bench. American actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are familiar from a young age, in their student years they parted ways.

They met, they shot the famous picture “Clever Will Hunting”, which brought “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” to unknown actors.

An example of women’s friendship can serve two great women of the Russian Empire – Catherine II and Catherine Dashkova. Singer Anna Herman, perhaps, would never have received such huge popularity in the USSR, if her close friend Anna Kachalina had not invited her to one day record a song at Melody Studio, and then not

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What is real friendship?