Summer evening composition

A summer evening is an essay. A wonderful summer evening spent in the city park

The beginning of summer was marked by a sweet aroma of flowering acacias and “candles” of chestnuts, inviting passers-by for a walk to the city park. A charming summer evening, an essay about which describes the beauty of a picturesque sunset, imperceptibly sank to the lush tree crowns, to the malachite hats of bushes, to mottled buds of bright flowers in the front gardens.

The Sunday was a dull and dull day. Since the morning, a viscous fog descended on the city and held it tightly in his swirling embrace. Only towards evening, through the dense haze, the rosy rays of the setting sun broke through. The fog began to settle quickly and melting haze at the feet of passers-by.

People who poured out onto the wet streets saw a fantastic picture of a summer evening, quietly sinking to the city park. Juicy-malachite crowns of chestnut trees were lit with white and pink candles, like

the magic hand of a fairy fairy spread the airy marshmallows over the palms of the leaves. The poplars trembled with the purple torches of giant candles. Low-growth, Canadian maples shook with caps of whipped curls. The sharply exacerbated aroma of flowering acacia swam over the reviving alleys and fragrant flower beds. City flowers are filled with “pansies” and “royal crowns”.

Lonely benches quickly filled with loving couples and fussy old men. Bicycle bells rang and two-wheeled scooters rolled. The evening park was full of life in the day off.

A pleasant breeze played lush foliage and disheveled, child’s cheeks. He picked up floating, floral fragrances and carried them around the city, breathing fragrant plumes into the open windows of each house with his breath.

The summer evening for a long time pleased the native city with its burning, especially delightful, sunset and promised a pleasant start to the upcoming, working week.

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Summer evening composition