Biography of Mohammed

Biography of Mohammed

Abul-Qasim Muhammad is a prophet, a preacher, a messenger of Allah, to whom God gave the book holy to all Muslims – the Koran. He is the founder of Islam, the creator of the first Muslim community.

Muhammad was born in Mecca supposedly in 571 AD. The boy lost both parents, and from the age of 6 was raised first by his grandfather, and after his death – by Uncle Abu Talib.
Uncle accustomed his nephew to work from an early age. Muhammad was a shepherd, equipping trade caravans, and at the age of 12 together with his uncle went on a trade trip to Syria.
At the age of 25, Mohammed married a wealthy widow who was 15 years older than he. Khadija’s spouse gave Muhammad the job of organizing and escorting caravans with goods to Syria when the boy was 21 years

old. Their marriage was happy, the family had six children. The spouse strongly supported Muhammad in all his affairs, and remained his beloved and his only wife until her death.

During the trade campaigns, Muhammad was interested in the spiritual life and customs of other nations. He prayed and meditated a lot. Once, during meditation in one of the caves of Mecca, the Archangel Gabriel appeared to him, who was sent by Allah. He gave Muhammad revelations from the first verses of the Quran, and told him to remember them. Since then, Muhammad became the Messenger of Allah on earth. At first he secretly called for a new faith, and from 610 he began to preach Islam openly. However, the new religious teaching did not immediately become popular. The people of Mecca took it with a sneer, since in the sermons of Muhammad there were elements of kindred religions – Christianity and Judaism.

Over time, Muhammad had many adherents. But the Muslims in Mecca were persecuted and forced to move to Medina in 622. The inhabitants of Medina took a better view of the new religion, most of them adopted Islam. There they formed the first Islamic community.

Muhammad developed his teaching about a single god and continued to expand his influence in the religious sphere. In 630 Mohammed shoved into Mecca, he persuaded the inhabitants to accept a new faith. Mecca became the center of religious life, the capital of Islam. Returning to Medina, he again made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 632. He graduated from his earthly journey Mohammed on June 8 of the same year and was buried in Medina.

In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad is the main figure, after Allah. He was sent by God to all people on earth in order to transmit the sacred scripture – the Koran, as the only undistorted human law of being.

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Biography of Mohammed