Composition on self-esteem

Dignity is a combination of high moral qualities and respect for these qualities in oneself. “A man sounds proudly,” said one of the great ones. But what needs to be done to become a man worthy of respect?

A person must develop positive qualities in himself: hard work, kindness, mercy and compassion, respect for others, ability to restrain one’s word.

Educated people respect the human personality, and therefore are always indulgent, gentle, polite. A worthy person is not someone who does not have flaws, but one who has virtues.

Respecting yourself, a person will never hurt people around him, help the weak, needy, will necessarily prove himself on the good side. After all, every person wants to be the most powerful, beautiful, clever, clever, witty and inventive. We all aspire to the ideal and so rejoice if something happens.

Human dignity is not measured by his achievements and victories. Rather, it depends on humanity. R. Gamzatov wrote about this as follows:

He was not a wise man, And he was not a brave man, But bow to him: He was a man.

Dignity is precisely what most elevates a person, which gives his activity, all his aspirations, nobility:

Let it be in all that you do, Will come a trace of spiritual beauty: For power is not in your appearance, But only in your humanity.

In any society, a person must remain himself: do not descend to a low level of intelligence only to communicate in a certain circle on an equal footing. A strong person does not despise himself to cause sympathy in another.

To protect one’s own dignity is not to defend oneself by humiliating others, but this is the ability to find a way out of any situation, without sinking to baseness, cruelty, hypocrisy, betrayal.

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Composition on self-esteem