Writing teacher is my future profession

I really like the profession of a veterinarian, because I love animals. In the future, I will choose this specialty. The main thrust of the profession of a veterinarian is the treatment of animals, but at the same time, the struggle against anthropozoonoses – diseases of animals bordering on human diseases – also enters the sphere of activity. In agriculture, a specialist in this profile prevents violations in the use of various chemicals that, when ingested by animals, can accumulate and eventually become a source of food contamination.

The profession of a veterinarian has a very long history. At the first stages, such attention to animal health was the basis of the personal approach of peasants to cattle, but over time, humanity, united with medicine, resulted in a new, quite popular in the whole world, financially profitable and actual profession of a veterinarian.

Since animals are very important for humans, a real veterinarian must thoroughly familiarize

himself with the veterinary regulations, as well as be good specialists in the field of microbiology and livestock production. To conduct a qualitative sanitary examination every veterinarian must be familiar with its methodology.

This profession has drawbacks. The shortcomings of the profession of a veterinarian are mainly expressed in irregular working hours and uneven workload, especially during the off-season. Private trips of various duration are also practiced. Along with this, the negative side is also the direct contact with sick animals. Injuries (bites and even fractures) – in veterinarians the phenomenon is frequent. This is a dangerous job. In addition, veterinarians are constantly in contact with infections, including those that are deadly to humans – for example, rabies or plague. Specialists who work in scientific research organizations and at sanitary and veterinary control stations are at special risk: diseases that seem to have defeated mankind for a long time (anthrax) and completely new infections (avian influenza) appear periodically.

Another “danger” is constantly

changing legislation. Several years ago, Moscow witnessed a wave of scandals, connected with the ban of a popular anesthetic in veterinary medicine. Many veterinarians took risks and continued to use the drug during surgery, as they feared that animals could not stand the pain shock and die right on the operating table. But that’s why I want to get this profession to help animals and their masters.

I really want to enroll in the Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology after I. Scriabin (MGAVMIB). Graduates are given the qualification “Veterinarian”. Pros of teaching in MGAVMiB them. KI Skryabin: 350 budget places, the opportunity to obtain fundamental knowledge in one of the departments of obstetrics, veterinary examination, veterinary surgery, etc. In MGUPB well developed areas related to immunology, microbiology, genetic engineering.

There are departments of infectious and parasitic diseases; biology, virology and genetic engineering, microbiology and biotechnology, veterinary and sanitary examination. On April 9, I went to the academy for an open house, we were told in great detail about the academy itself, about its history and about all the departments, we were taken to surgery, parasitology, anatomical building. I was very shocked by their responsibility, punctuality and the most important discipline.

In the 11th grade I will go to the preparatory courses for the Moscow Academy named after KI Skryabin, and after finishing school I really hope to go there because I really like animals, I want to work with them.

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Writing teacher is my future profession