What does it mean for me to be a free person?

“Free!” I shouted to my friends when we ran out of school on the last day of class. “Free for the whole summer!”

Then I still did not understand the meaning of the word “freedom”. But it was so nice to say it…

At all times people have sought to be free. They were freed from slavery, from complexes, from obligations, from prejudices – from everything that was hampered by them and prevented them from living. For the freedom of blood often flowed. A man defends his freedom from childhood and to the grave. Why? Why does freedom need so many victims? I never thought about these questions. But I used the following phrases: “Dad, you try to free me! I do not want to wash dishes!” To which my father answered me: “No, not washing dishes – does not mean to be free, which means – to be lazy. But if you wanted to wash the dishes, and I would not let you, it would be an attempt on your freedom. “

I went to the kitchen and silently washed the dishes. “Now you’re free! You can go to the disco!” said my father. “Yes,” I thought, “now I’m free, at the price of my hands red with cold water.” And then I realized that freedom is an unimpeded movement towards its goal. In my case, the goal was a disco, an obstacle – a mountain of dirty dishes and father’s order: “Ware you wash – go to the disco!” I removed the obstacle and go to the goal. Here it is, freedom!

But you need to earn your freedom. If in life there were no barriers, then freedom would not be valued so highly. Thank God, in my life there are no significant obstacles, the rest I easily eliminate. I guess I’m a free man.

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What does it mean for me to be a free person?