Power essay

It is difficult not to agree with the ancient philosopher from China Han Fei who suggested that the order in the state leads to the existence of power and the observance of the law, and the rejection of power and law will necessarily lead to unrest.

But the question immediately arises: “Is it possible for the existence of such a society that would not be governed by anyone, and would it be self-regulating?”. Is power necessary to avoid chaos and to comply with all laws enacted in the country?

Every state creates a people. However, the natural state of any society is the existence of the domination of one person over another. Power arises inevitably. This happens at a certain stage of the development of society.

But the government should carry out activities in the name of the interests of its people. And if this task is carried out, then the government structures will create the right laws. They will become a set of certain norms and rules governing the behavior of a person, his relationship with other people, the state, etc.

One of the functions of the government is to monitor compliance with the laws it has adopted. Only in the accomplishment of this task is it possible to order in all vital spheres of society and to exercise reliable protection of its members.

Sometimes people do not follow the laws in their country. To this, they can be pushed by various reasons. However, in any case, the perpetrators must be punished. If this is not done, then the state is threatened with chaos. Identification of those who violated the rules, and bringing them to justice are also involved in government. It turns out that the ancient philosopher is right. Every law that exists in society has power only through power.

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Power essay