My dream is a composition in Russian

Every person dreams about something, wants something to achieve in life – this is quite normal. I also have a dream, I would even say that not one. Firstly, I would very much like to see that there are no wars in the world, so that all conflicts are resolved only peacefully. The war is scary, I think that everyone will agree with me. A world without wars is probably only a dream that can not be realized.

I also dream that all people are healthy and happy, often the diseases take the lives of even very young children. For any family that has had to face this, such a loss is no less terrible than war. I very much sympathize with such families and I dream that all people live a long happy life, are not sick and were happy.

As for my personal dream, I would like to become an actor. I know that achieving success in acting is not easy, but I hope that I will succeed. Already now I really like to present myself as the hero of a famous film, I repeat the behavior of my favorite characters and try to speak as they do. I’m not afraid of the stage and I want to become not only a movie actor, but also a theater. I really like costumes and live performances. We often visit the theater with my parents, it was thanks to them that I had such a dream.

And, of course, like any other person, I dream that all people who surround me (relatives, friends, relatives) are healthy. Probably, this is the most important thing in life for any person.

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My dream is a composition in Russian