Writing a dog is man’s best friend

Man is inextricably linked with domestic pets. For a decade, pets live under the same roof with people. The most faithful devoted friends are the dogs. They are always happy to see their master, rejoice at his every appearance and are always ready to help.

That is why dogs serve in the militia on a par with people, earn medals, fulfill their duty, seek drugs, save lives. Dogs work as rescuers on the water, they work as guides for blind people. The benefits of these animals are so great that it can not be described immediately. They say that happiness can be bought for yourself by buying a dog. Indeed this is so. A dog is so faithful a friend that she will always be happy to greet the owner from work, to yearn for you when the owner is on vacation, and will always be there.

Dogs are intelligent animals that feel human emotions, understand when a person is ill and can share joy. Dogs feel the approach of trouble, are always ready to protect their master and can sacrifice

their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for such deeds. Now people have become more evil, forget about kindness, mercy and compassion. People began to feel worse about themselves and animals. Can not respect neither relatives, nor friends, not their pets, with whom they live under the same roof.

It’s good when friendship and friendship are established between a man and a dog. It is good, when the owner likes to spend time with a dog, to walk with it, to comb out it and to bring up and train. Dogs are very amenable to training. They are ready to fulfill all the commands, to learn and develop. And they will do all this in exchange for love, caring, affection, and perhaps just for a tasty bone.

When you look at how dogs relate to each other, you realize that not every person can do this. Dogs of a shepherd are always next to bitches when you reproduce a new offspring.
Many dogs have a very good nature. They like to cuddle, they want to lick you with their tongue and always wag their tail when they appear. The most surprising thing is that such good and good relations are capable even of fighting dogs.

It is hard for homeless dogs. There is no one to warm them, feed them and take care. It would be desirable, that there were less homeless animals that people did not throw out to the mercy of fate of the pupils.

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Writing a dog is man’s best friend