Poverty is not a flaw

Poverty is not a flaw

Robert Burns is a famous poet not only in his homeland, in Scotland, but throughout the world. The lines from his poems became slogans for the Scots, many of Berne’s poems were conceived as songs, and now they are sung not only in his homeland.

Poetry Burns is simple, but very elegant and full of vitality and fun, it is close to folk songs and ballads.

The son of a peasant all his life interested in human essence, the notion of morality, rich poverty or vice versa, poor wealth. The poem “Fair Poverty” is one of the answers to many questions: why is a person poor, what will help him to break out of poverty, how to keep cleanliness in his soul, while being able to enrich himself, etc.

The poem “Fair Poverty” is written on the motif of a folk

song, so his serious text is combined with Scottish gaiety. The provocative ease of rhythm serves as a kind of accompaniment to the deep meaning of the poem.

Berne in the poem urges not to be ashamed of his poverty. A person who depends on money, wealth, can not be estimated as an intelligent person. This poem is in tune with the Russian proverb: “They meet on clothes, they accompany them to the mind”. Here is the very first and important dignity of a person that can not be bought. It is the pride of both the rich and the poor. The mind can not be rewarded, it can not be paid, it can not be bought. Orders, ribbons, expensive clothes – this is not an indicator of the mind. Who Burns “dressed in silk and wine drinks,” – a fool and a rogue.

Berne is optimistic about his views:

The day will come and the hour will strike,

When the mind and honor

The whole earth will come

Stand in the first place.

It seems to me that the time, which Berne dreamed of, has not yet come. The desire of people to live better is natural, but the desire to live better at the expense of others is a sign of our time. Smart people today are vegetating, and in honor, he who is more clever, stronger physically, who has stronger nerves. Will hope:

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Poverty is not a flaw