Composition a portrait of a friend

My friend is slightly older than me, but in appearance he can be given
about sixteen years. He is slightly above average height,
broad-shouldered and slender.

The face of my friend is elongated, thin, with a high
forehead and barely perceptible scar under the dark-brown bangs.
His eyebrows are arcuate. slightly lighter hair.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. This is actually
so. I am convinced of the veracity of these words when
I look at the face of my comrade. His big, thoughtful
eyes, dark gray, like the sea during a storm,
always radiate incredible kindness, love for neighbors
and meek sorrow.

When talking, my friend often smiles, and then
dimples appear on his cheeks. He occasionally lifts his shoulders,
spreads his hands to the side or lays his hands behind his back
when he worries.

I like to communicate with him, because he is kind,
intelligent and committed does not know how to be angry.

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Composition a portrait of a friend