About swear words

1. The notion of profanity.

Foul language is a speech filled with indecent expressions, obscene words, abuse. This phenomenon has many definitions: foul language, unprintable expressions, foul language, obscene lexicon, the vocabulary of the “bodily bottom”, etc. But from time immemorial foul language in the Russian people is called profanity, from the word “filth.” In the dictionary of V. Dal, it is said: “Fel is an abomination, filth, filth, all vilest, repulsive, disgusting, indecent, that is filthy and spiritually unclean, uncleanness, filth and rot, decay, corpse, eruptions, feces, stench, stench; , debauchery, moral corruption, all ungodly. “

Invective (offensive) and obscene vocabulary exists in many languages ​​and cultures. It is from these words that the math consists. This is a relatively small (“dirty dozen,” as the English say) and a closed group of words and phrases that are tabooed in the cultural community.

This group includes the names of the human body, primarily the genitals (the so-called lexicon of the “corporal bottom”), physiological functions, sexual intercourse, and also the words derived from them. Some insulting lexemes, like the word, refer to the main meaning of the employee as the name of a dissolute woman, but more often used all the same in the interdomain function – when expressing the whole gamut of human emotions: anger, indignation, astonishment and even ecstasy.

2. Now let’s talk about the roots of profanity.

The mystical roots of this phenomenon go back to pagan antiquity. People of the pre-Christian era, to protect their lives from the evil attacks of the demonic world, came into contact with him. This contact could only be twofold: the demon either appeased, extolled him and offered him sacrifices, or frightened him. So, they frightened the demon with nasty language, demonstrating their indecency. But they also called the demon with the same words, demonstrating their obsession, their readiness to unite with him. Bad words were included in spells addressed to

pagan deities, and in the pagan times the cult of fertility was spread, so all bad words are associated with the sexual sphere. Thus, the so-called mate is the language of communication with demons. It is no accident that in philology this phenomenon is called infernal vocabulary. Infernal – means hellish, from the underworld.

Now the mat is used for:

1) increase the emotionality of speech,

3) insults, humiliations of the addressee of speech,

5) demonstrating the absence of fear,

6) demonstration of relaxedness, disregard for the system of prohibitions,

7) demonstration of belonging to “their”, etc.

3. But how does the mat affect a person? Many scientists, researchers have been concerned with this recently.

A) In the Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences PhD in Biology Peter Petrovich Goryaev (author of the new science “wave genetics”) and candidate of technical sciences Georgiy G. Tertyshny deal with this problem. Researchers have invented an apparatus that translates human words into electromagnetic oscillations. And they are known to affect DNA molecules. Scientists have found that when a person swears, then his chromosomes rotate and bend, genes change places. As a result, DNA begins to produce unnatural programs. And so gradually the offspring are given a program of self-destruction. Scientists have recorded that swear words cause a mutagenic effect similar to that which gives a radioactive irradiation with a capacity of thousands of X-rays.

The experiment with irradiation for many years was carried out on the seeds of the plant Arabidopsis. Almost all of them died, and those that survived became genetic freaks. These monsters, having transferred a lot of diseases, passed them by inheritance, and after several generations degenerated. It is interesting that the mutagen effect was not dependent on the strength of the word, they could not be pronounced loudly or in a whisper. On this basis, scientists concluded that certain words have an informational effect on DNA.

The reverse experiment was also carried out: the scientists “blessed” the seeds killed by radioactive irradiation with ten thousand X-rays, then the messed up genes, broken chromosomes and DNA spirals fell into place and fused, the dead seeds revived.

Someone may doubt: how can ordinary words affect an hereditary program? The fact is that the idea of ​​a genetic apparatus consisting only of chemicals has long been out of date. Wave genetics testifies that the gene is not only a cell. The human program is encrypted in the so-called garbage part of DNA, and not only in chemicals, but also in physical fields that are formed around chromosomes and have a holographic structure. All information about the past, present and future of the organism is contained in a folded form at every point of the wave genome. DNA molecules exchange this information with the help of electromagnetic waves, including acoustic and light. Scientists have taken to a staggering conclusion: DNA perceives human speech, its wave “ears” are directly adapted to capture sound vibrations. Pushkin once wrote to his wife: “Do not mourn the soul of reading French novels,” and not in vain. Molecules of heredity receive both acoustic and light information: silent reading reaches the cellular nuclei through electromagnetic channels. One text heals the heredity, the other traumatizes it. Prayer words awaken the reserve capabilities of the genetic apparatus. The curse destroys the wave programs, which means it disrupts the normal development of the body.

B) the well-known psychophysiologist, physician, member of the World Ecological Academy Leonid Kitaev-Smyk argues that the abuse of mate slowly but surely leads to hormonal disorders, especially in women. Cosmetologists noticed that those of their clients who can not live without a mat, suffer more from the increased hairiness of the limbs, they have a lower voice. The matter is that the mat promotes the production of male sex hormones.

B) other experiments: our Ural scientist Gennady Cheurin conducted experiments with water

4. Orthodox view.

From the Orthodox point of view, profanity is a sin. He was condemned at the Carthaginian Council (p.71): “The words of the mothers of the families and the chastity of others are offended by words that are not needed.” The one who uses bad language, first of all, disgrace the honor of mothers, brazenly curses the God-established laws of birth, forgetting that he was born and brought up by his mother. In the Russian people for a long time, they called blasphemers blasphemers.

The habit of profanity creates a moral image of a person, hinders his involvement in culture, makes him unreliable in his relationships with others. The habit of profanity is a sign of a person’s spiritual and moral decay. Rotten speech corrupts a person: he not only gives his soul to the power of demons, but also affects the state of the soul of the people around him, he does not spare the modesty of women, nor the purity of children. “From your words you will be justified and from your words you will be condemned.”

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About swear words