The future of Kazakhstan

What is the future of Kazakhstan? I see him optimistic. More precisely, I would like to see him like that. I do not really want to see anything in the future of my country, it’s quarrels and squabbling on national soil, terrorism or civil strife.

In fact, Kazakhstan is a “steppe Switzerland”, only huge in territory. A number of diverse and colorful peoples and cultures joined our country. And that’s fine.

Kazakhstan also has huge reserves of fossil natural resources: oil, natural gas, uranium ore, coal, lead ore, gold and others. The bowels of the Kazakh lands contain almost the entire periodic table, which serves the people’s benefit. But I hope that the future of our country will depend not only on the successful extraction of these riches. Still, it harms the environment. Kazakhstan still has huge reserves of natural resources for the production of alternative energy, for example, wind or solar. Kazakhstan – it’s wide steppes, strong winds, boundless, sun-heated deserts.

I would also like to see the development of high technologies in the country: information technologies, for example. To people lived with great comfort, with amenities, but they did not forget about nature, did not destroy it.

I wish my fellow countrymen to develop even more culture in the future, to abandon many bad habits. Become more free, more enlightened and educated, less afraid and know their rights. Then it will be easier for everyone in the country to live. And of course, we should have more middle-class people in the future, but fewer very rich and very poor.

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The future of Kazakhstan