The teacher of life

In the life of every person, a big and important role is played by the teacher. Education and upbringing are steps in life that lead us into adulthood, raising to a higher level of development. In my opinion, an important moment is spiritual and cultural upbringing. The teacher is like a sculptor. He molds his pupil from clay, creating real masterpieces, makes us intelligent, educated, in short, full citizens of society. Each child has his own talents. And a true teacher who loves his work should see them and help them open up, create a grain of independence in our soul, so that even after years we could apply them in life situations

I already got my first education in a music school. I did not know how to write and read, and my parents gave me to study at the art school. The first month I was very happy that I found a musical ear. But, realizing all the difficulties of this case, I was horrified. Many tears were shed. But my father insisted on my further training. Mom was very

sorry for me, and she, like a wise, courageous person, started to study music notation with me. She encouraged me as best she could, she learned to play the piano herself. Teacher violin – Denisova Natalia Vladimirovna, in fact, became a family teacher. She supported, and still maintains a close relationship with our family, inviting us to concerts, performances, creative evenings. Only thanks to the patience and endurance of my teacher, I comprehended the secrets of the great works of classical music. My children’s fingers did not always obey me. It did not immediately sound the melody. The first sounds were far from perfect. I worked day and night. It took a lot of time to get my hands accustomed to the instrument. It was difficult for me to learn the music text, to pause. After many hours of daily music lessons, finally I learned to extract the magic sounds of a violin and piano, convey the character and mood of the work.

Now I’m 13 years old. In the past 2009-2010 academic year, the years of my education at the music school came to an end. I graduated from art school with good results.


back, I want to say a big thank you to my teacher in the violin class Denisova Natalia Vladimirovna. This person invests his soul in the spiritual upbringing of children. She is not only a professional, a master of her craft, but also a caring, intelligent, understanding person. I remember her wise words: “First of all, I teach you to work, it will be very useful to you in the future life.” Natalia Vladimirovna has taught to love and understand music! Only thanks to her strictness, exactingness, discipline and at the same time support, I graduated from music school. For seven years of training, I left in the art school a piece of my heart, a piece of my soul. Here, along with the teacher, I experienced a lot. There were victories, resentments, disappointments, merry laughter, and bitter tears. It was very difficult to part. To forget all this is simply impossible. Sometimes I look in this long familiar building, I go into the office with which I have a lot of connections, sit down opposite Natalia Vladimirovna, as if nothing has changed. And I enjoy pleasant communication with a person close to me, who has become, almost native.

In the classroom there were all kinds of things. Somewhere my teacher harshly scolded me for the mistakes I made, somewhere I overestimated my assessments, supporting my faith in myself. But I firmly believe: she loves us, her students as we are! Natalya Vladimirovna is a wise person. Many of her sayings have sunk into my soul. Here is one of them: “Do good, and it will always come back to you!”. She repeated it at times when I did not manage to do a worthy job for a long time. I was beginning to get angry at the whole world. She stopped, took my hands in her hands and repeated: “Do good, it will always come back to you, do not be angry, even if something does not work out for you!” Strangely enough, the anger left, there was a desire to become stronger, to solve the arising difficulties. It was understood that everything in our lives depends on ourselves,

Many thanks to the teachers of the whole music school. They brought me up. They took the same part in my life as my parents did. The role of a music teacher in my life is important. The dear one is to cause emotions in the human soul with the sounds of a violin. Colossal forces must be spent so that the child’s naughty little fingers give out charming sounds at the concert.

I’m starting to think about the future. I hope to create a good family. I believe that I will have talented and talented children, whom I myself will give to the hands of wonderful teachers. I will be just like my mother, support my child in every possible way, convince him of the need for musical education, at least for the overall development of the individual.

Respect, appreciate and love your teachers! Do not take offense at them. Their severity and perseverance is necessary. It will help you in life.

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The teacher of life