Composition if I was an adult

If I were an adult, I certainly would have done everything so that there would never be a war. To do this, I need to learn a lot, and take a high position in the country.

Many of my friends say they want to grow up faster. I thought so too, but then I realized that childhood is the best time of my life.

When I grow up, I will certainly become a famous person. If I were great at the moment, I would certainly stop the war all over the world. I’m sorry that today people do not appreciate their lives, and the lives of those who live next to them. So, many soldiers die, and their relatives then suffer until the end of life. Still, I would very much like to legalize the severe punishment for all the murderers and maniacs who mock the old people and little children. They should not be in prison. It so happened that my grandmother Valya was beaten by teenagers in order to take her already poor pension. It was very influenced by my mother, because Granny died, she did not

suffer it. For the sake of some kopecks, people are ready to kill a person. Well, is not it scary?

If I were an adult, I would certainly open an animal shelter. I feel very sorry for them. Sometimes you walk down the street, and meet a pack of dogs, hungry and cold. I always give them my own sandwich.

What I do not like is that adults almost never rest. My parents are constantly at work, they come late, and they do not even have time for me. They do not have time. And how can you live in such a rhythm? Probably, if I were an adult, I would certainly fix this situation, and I made sure that parents communicate more with their children. To do this, I would have made shorter working days, so that everyone worked for eight hours in all spheres of production and economy.

Being great, I will certainly have a family, and I will have three children – two girls and a boy. I so dream. And, of course, we will buy a good large sheep dog dog. She will become a true friend and companion for all of us.

I have many desires that I would like to realize when I grow up. The only thing to achieve this, you need a lot of work on yourself, to learn well and achieve your goals. Every person who has reached a certain age dreams about something of his own. As I wrote above, I will fight for peace, good and love. There were more such people now, because while I grow up, there will be so much more bad, and at the moment it can all be avoided.

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Composition if I was an adult