School biology cabinet

I go to the school room. There are many colors in it, they stand on the windowsills, on a table near the wall, hang from suspended flowerpots. The leaves are clean, shiny. In the corner at the window is a large rectangular aquarium. In it, frosted green algae are swaying in the transparent water, multicolored fishes are floating slowly, fins, valeleaves, swords.

There are stands on the walls. The first one is called “Natural Zones: Plants and Animals of Russia”. You carefully look at the map and you are surprised at the diversity of the nature of our Motherland. Along the shores of the northern seas stretches the cold treeless Tundra. To the south of it a broad strip of forests lie, they are replaced by extensive steppes. To the south are the red-hot deserts. Large areas are occupied by mountains. Each of the natural areas is colored by its color, covered with icons corresponding to the types of plants and animals that occur in the area. Here you can find information

about plants and animals of the Far North and tundra, steppes and semi-deserts, mountains and subtropical zone.

Nearby – map “Nature Conservation”. On it, circles showing the animals inside show the state reserves. They are protected by all natural objects. You look and understand how rich our country is.

Below are the natural zones of the Earth. All the diversity of the flora and fauna of our planet appears before our eyes. Europe and Asia, Africa and Australia, South America and the Antarctic – each continent has its own face with a unique world of nature.

Particularly striking is the stand “Fauna of the Oceans”. A variety of fish, birds, marine animals are represented here. Some surprise with their appearance and accuracy characteristics: Hammerhead fish, sailfish, sea elephant, golden-headed penguin, Portuguese boat.

I walk around the class like a museum of nature. It’s very interesting here. This is a school biology cabinet.

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School biology cabinet