Composition “Family Evening”

I really love spending time with my family. Unfortunately, this does not happen as often as we would like, but in the evenings we try to come together. This is an amazing time. I wait for these minutes all day long. When the lessons are learned the next day, we gather in the living room at a round table, share news, impressions for the day.

It was not for nothing that it was long thought that the table is a place that willy-nilly unites all members of the family, makes the family more cohesive. At such moments, we not only talk about the past day, successes and failures, but also play board games. We have such games, which have already become popular, only members of our family know about them, it’s our little secret. But we like to come up with new games. It turns out very interesting, and sometimes – funny. Parents tell stories from their past lives when they were small. We laugh heartily. I can not believe that they, too, were just as disobedient, they were naughty…


sister, for example, is currently studying at a music school. She studies only the third year, but already knows how to play simple musical works. At such times we like to listen to her, and she imagines that she performs on stage in the presence of a large number of spectators.

But all good, as you know, quickly ends, and the evening is coming to an end. There comes a time of sleep, tomorrow we are waiting for new things, new achievements. We are in a good mood and elevated mood, we divide into our rooms with a smile on our face. Sometimes I can not sleep for a long time, remembering how well we spent the evening.

I think that in the future, when we grow up, my sister and I will have our own families, and we will fly out of our native nest, then we will get bored and remember about such gatherings. To prevent this, I dream that this tradition will be transferred with me through the years to my new family. Now I think that I have a happy family that can be proud of.

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Composition “Family Evening”