Description of the summer composition

Summer is a wonderful time, which everyone loves and expects, without exception, both children and adults. This wonderful time of sunny and warm days, trips to the sea by the whole family or a friendly company, this is the ripening of plants, the luxury and aroma of beautiful flowers, warm evenings, walks in the park. This is the time when you are madly happy with the rain, you dance under it, and after that, you admire the beautiful rainbow that appears directly above your head. This is the singing of birds from early morning until late at night.

It is the morning dew, the drops of which look like small and charming crystals. Why do children wait for summer? How else. This is the favorite season of each of them. This summer vacation and rest from school for three months. At this time, you can enjoy relaxation with friends, go with your parents to the sea or just to the river. Summer for children is a trip to the grandmother in the village, where fresh and clean air, where you

can go to the forest after heavy rain and gather mushrooms. It is here that my grandmother will give fresh, warm milk. Everyone loves summer. Finally, people can throw off a pile of clothes and enjoy the warmth of the scorching sun. In summer everything comes to life and dresses in beautiful outfits. Here you go along the street, around beauty, trees stand in green outfits, they grow beautiful colorful fruits, fly bees over flowers and collect nectar.

Everything comes to life around, starting with the smallest ant, from the smallest blade of grass. And how wonderful, going out in the evening to the street to listen to the singing of a firefly, who does not stop singing her charming song. How beautiful, going out late at night to admire the stars in the clear sky. It’s wonderful to wake up early in the morning when singing birds. You go out and rejoice in everything that happens around you. Everything lives, blossoms, smells and pleases not only the eyes, but also your soul. Of course, in the summer we have to do a lot of work. Getting up early in the morning, people go to fields or vegetable gardens and take

care of plants. You can get tired very much, but do not let go of your hands, it helps to realize that it’s summer now, that it’s warm and joyful in the street. Why do I think that summer loves absolutely everything? And you never paid attention to how many songs modern artists form, how beautiful they sing about this time of the year. Listening to them, you involuntarily begin to realize that now it is time for rest, unrestrained fun, creativity, happiness and joy. Having gone to nature in the circle of friends or relatives, you can safely fish, build a fire and cook your catch.

In nature you can play all sorts of entertaining games, pitch a tent and sing songs to the guitar by the fire until the morning. You rest, and nature rests with you. How wonderful to watch the rain drops that fall into the river, creating a beautiful picture that you can admire for a very long time. This ripple is just magical. In the summer you begin to believe in the magic and fulfillment of desires. This time inspires people to commit acts, I want to create, create something beautiful that can reflect the warmth of the soul and joy. You walk along the street, you look, and somewhere in the distance a lonely flower grows, and you approach it closer and you see a beautiful picture, on this magnificent plant there sits a beautiful butterfly that drinks nectar and waves its colorful wings. And everything, this flower is not himself, he is not alone. A pretty creature came to him, and he began to radiate his beauty even brighter. Summer is a great time, this is the time of love. In summer, as children, we again believe in the attire of beauty. It’s a time of fun and loud laughter around, Summer – what is more beautiful? It is the closest friend. Only thinking about summer, I want to create, write poems and believe in beauty.

Having plunged into this warmth and felt the affectionate embraces of the sun’s rays, one does not even want to think that the summer will be replaced by autumn, then winter and again, in the early spring we will wait for summer. Of course, any time is beautiful and unforgettable in its own way, but why does everyone love summer so much? Just at this time of year you can really relax and relax. Go to buy in the sea, sunbathe on a beautiful sandy beach, go for all sorts of countries and cities, get acquainted with other peoples, their cultures. Learn the history of different countries, become a part of this story, touch the beautiful. With my own eyes see the sights, taste the cuisines of the peoples of the world and plunge into the life of those peoples and people that we hitherto did not know. It is at this time you want to forget about all the problems and just enjoy life, believe in a fairy tale and in fulfillment of desires. In the summer, we admire the sunset and its enchanting sunrises. Right now we are glad to blow the wind. Summer is really, an amazing time of year, in which you want to plunge completely. You wait for it again and again. And from year to year, enjoy the same sun, the same flowers, dew and rain.

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Description of the summer composition