Composition about nature

Nature and man are very closely related. Nature creates all the necessary conditions for human life.

The beautiful scenery of nature pleases the soul of man, with its beauty they fascinate, and it seems that there is nothing more beautiful in the world than to see these mysterious species. Many writers, artists and poets sing in their works all the beauty of nature, as it is beautiful in all seasons. Nature gives us unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, bringing to us the magical appearance of our soul.

Unfortunately, many people do not appreciate nature and are ready to destroy it for personal comfort, money and other purposes. They do not realize that nature is our wealth, and it is very important to live in harmony and understanding with nature. And so, in our time, nature protection requires special attention. Our planet is rich in natural resources, but earlier it seemed that all this is boundless, and now we understand that over time, human needs are growing, and natural

resources are depleted. We all need to understand the importance of taking care of nature, because it gives us everything necessary for life.

To enjoy the delights and beauties of nature, you can stroll through the park or through the forest. Very beautiful pictures of nature draws us in the autumn. Each leaflet gives us a huge number of colors and shades, reflecting yellow, orange, red, bard and many other colors.

We must take care of nature and teach our children to take care of it so that they grow up with a sense of responsibility to nature and the ability to take care of it. Care of nature should be laid down in childhood from the childhood, it is necessary to understand that without it people and animals will perish. Our beauty and health also depends on nature, clean air and water.

Pollution of nature is a global issue and is important in all countries. Now a lot of money is spent to restore natural conditions, clean air, water and many other factors around us. So let’s not spoil what our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren directly depend on, and we will try to help restore the vital vital benefits.

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Composition about nature