Writing what is the meaning of life

People thought about the meaning of life from the most ancient times. However, there is no consensus as to what the meaning of life is all about. Probably, each of us has it’s own. I believe that life is a reflection of our soul, so the meaning of life in the development of the spiritual qualities of man. We are born like a blank sheet of paper and for the rest of our life we ​​must develop and eventually become a person. The development of positive qualities – that is the meaning of life.

A person must improve and develop in himself the abilities that God has given us. He must cultivate morally, so that life in the world is purer and brighter. If all people thought about moral development, then today’s world would be completely different. Now people think only about money, because in our world without them do not live. Therefore, people try to work harder and completely forget about spiritual values.

Of course, material benefits are important, but

in pursuit of them one should not forget about the spiritual component of a person’s life. In pursuit of money, people become greedy, self-serving and evil. They are no longer the same as they used to be. They think that first you need to earn as much money as possible and only then think about morality and spiritual development. Unfortunately, a person changes over time and then he forgets about the spiritual, he wants only a happy life.

As for me, the meaning of life is personal development and help to other people. We must make our world more kind and happy. We must develop morally and reject negative qualities. We must think not only about ourselves, but also about the people around us. Of course, every person has his own views and meaning, and we have no right to impose our opinion. But it seems to me that my meaning of life should be similar to the meanings of other people’s lives. After all, if people develop and help others, then our world will become better.

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Writing what is the meaning of life