What is freedom?

“Freedom is an objective possibility of choice” – this definition of this concept I found in the encyclopedia. I, however, with this definition would argue. After all, often a person has an objective opportunity to choose, but something “subjectively” keeps him. What kind of freedom is this, when censorship sits inside the person himself?

For me personally, freedom is not a social concept, but a feeling. It brings joy and literally it gives wings. It seems that you are able to roll mountains. Maybe this feeling is just an illusion, but it’s not for nothing that they say: “This sweet word is freedom.”

As for the freedom of human behavior in society, it is relative. After all, there is no absolute freedom, otherwise people with each other could not get along. And it is right. Imagine if everyone did what he wanted? I wanted – I stole anything, I wanted – I went to the toilet to a neighbor in the breadbox. In the

conditions of absolute freedom there would be chaos!

Therefore, in society, a person has certain freedoms, but also certain prohibitions. And what sort of society they define themselves and prescribe in their laws. In democratic countries there is a good saying: “I am free to wave my arms as long as I want, but this freedom ends where the nose of another person begins.” A person has natural freedoms that are spelled out in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and laws “clarify” these rights. For example, we are free to move where we want, but you can not violate private property. We are free to live where we want, but first we need to get a visa and so on.

Freedom is a value for every person, but they often refuse it. For example, political prisoners are able to go to prison, that is, to lose their freedom, in exchange for the opportunity to openly express their views, that is, for freedom of another kind. And other people refuse to express themselves openly, because they are afraid for their safety.

Although we all love freedom, not every person seeks it. The reason is simple:

people are afraid of it. They are afraid of public opinion. For example, if someone walks the street naked, then, in principle, he does not harm anyone. But few people will decide on such an act, because they will laugh at him, take him to the police and so on. The society often limits even those freedoms of a person that are harmless, but they are “not accepted.”

Still people are afraid of freedom, because it forces to choose. And many of those whom I know do not know how to choose. They need someone to lead them, determine how to live them, how to dress, what music to listen and what to think. “Freedom is the weight of a daily choice” – these words belong to the Frenchman Sartre. And not every person assumes such a burden. But it’s worth it, as I personally think.

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What is freedom?