Being a guest is good, but being at home is better

Good on a visit! I have many friends, and we often meet. I prepare in advance for this, I think out what to please the owners: to buy an item for the house and family, to bake a cookie, a pie or a cake. Or to make with your own hands the necessary thing in the apartment, which would rejoice the eye, radiated a good mood, and the hosts would rest with their soul, remembering us and the warmth of our hands and hearts.

It’s nice when you give your friends flowers, and in return you get an invitation to come in and feel at home. It’s good to sit at the table and know that the first cup of tea, the first piece of cake and the first words about the joy of the meeting – to you. Visiting friends can talk about everything, discuss any issues.

But. a guest is good, says the proverb, but at home it is better. Because your home is such a comfort and peace that you will not find anywhere in the world.

It is best at home, where the walls also help. This is a

table set where, as you think, it is the best and most convenient place to work or to meet old friends. Favorite is the softest in the world and comfortable sofa that you saw and how you rejoice, and how sad and sad.

These are photographs of people close to you, looking at which, you recall the past and smile at your carefree childhood or the stormy youth of your parents. This is your room, in which books and trifles made by you lie in their places and whisper: everything is fine, we love you and always help you. This is the world’s softest bed and pillow, which has wonderful, dreamlike dreams.

They are the closest and most loved people in the world who will always accept and help in any, most seemingly hopeless situation. Home you always rush to share the “five” in the exam, talk about how difficult it was, but it was very interesting to go on a hike, tell about a quarrel with your beloved friend or how hard it is to give a new topic in class at school.

A native home is a affectionate mother and a firm father’s hand on your shoulder. Your parents are people who will always be

with you in happy moments, and, of course, in hard times. Parents will always support you and will not leave you alone in a difficult time.

Home is your city and your street, where everything is familiar. Squares and parks, museums and monuments, old districts of the city and high-rise New buildings. These are chestnuts and bird cherry, poplar and aspen in the native yard. They are those living in the neighboring house or on the opposite end of the city, but from this no less close, always ready to come to your aid friends.

Wherever I am, nothing can replace the heat of my home, and the best reception at a party can not be compared with the peace of mind and security that a roof over a home gives.

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Being a guest is good, but being at home is better