The problem of perception of the world around us. According to V. Soloukhin

The text of Vladimir Alekseevich Soloukhin: Incomplete..

(1) There are such deaf and secluded places on our river that when you crawl through tangled forest thickets filled with the same nettles and sit down near the water itself, you will feel like in a world separated from the rest of the earth’s space. (2) On the most coarse, superficial glance, this world consists of only two parts. from greenery and water… (3) The sky takes not the last part in the creation of our little world. (4) It is gray when there is still the earliest dawn, then gray-pink, then bright red-before the solemn exit of the sun, then golden-blue and, finally, blue, as it should be in the midst of a clear summer day.. .. (5) In the next part of our attention, we already discern that what seemed to us just greenery is not just green, but something detailed and complex. (7) And in fact, to pull a smooth green canvas around the water, then there was a marvelous beauty, then we would exclaim. “Earthly

grace!” – Looking at the even green canvas.

Vladimir Alekseevich Soloukhin is a Russian poet and writer. In his work he drew attention to the problem of perception of the world around him. And second from the first person narrates about the nature of his land. He writes that in one minute we see just greenery, but in the next, already something detailed and complex. VA Soloukhin writes about the absurdity of the situation, he many times saw some white flowers, did not even just see, singled them out from all, but did not know their name. I knew the daisies, dandelions, lilies of the valley and many other flowers, but not these. And the second believes that a person should see the whole world around him, realize himself as part of nature, and for this it is necessary to know what certain herbs and plants call.

I agree with the author that every person should understand nature in a much greater sense, consider himself a part of it. O broshimsya to the product of IS Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons.” People cease to understand that their native and only house is nature, and

it requires a careful attitude towards itself. The protagonist of the work believes that “nature is not a temple, but a workshop, and the person in it is an employee.” Many people in the modern world no longer appreciate nature. We do not feel part of it, we kill it, building a new world. We throw garbage, cut trees and drive cars, poisoning the world around us. In conclusion, I want to say that we should take a closer look at nature, we must protect it, because it has always helped us and will help, if we do not completely destroy it.

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The problem of perception of the world around us. According to V. Soloukhin