My little sister is doing homework

My younger sister is in second grade. She is diligent and diligent student and very serious and independent girl. When she is angry, she looks at me sternly and her mother’s intonations appear in her voice. It’s so funny!

I often had to watch Ira do homework. Here she laid out books and notebooks on the table and sorted them out for a while, wondering where to begin. Her eyes are narrowed, her lips are tightly compressed – she was asked a lot of lessons. Finally, the choice is made, the textbook is placed on the stand, and the notebook is opened in the right place.

Irin’s missing look is pointing up, his fingers are slowly turning the handle – Irina thinks. Her face is concentrated, her eyes are narrowed in narrow slits. Her cheeks are covered with red spots in excitement, which means that something does not come out of her. But Ira is stubborn, she will dig herself to the heart of the matter and look for where she made a mistake. Hooray! Ira shakes her head, cleaning the disobedient strands of black hair, her eyes flash with joy, and the pen runs happily along the lines of the notebook.

It remains a very simple task to read the story. Ira leafs through the book and looks at the pictures with enthusiasm. She has already seen them, but this process gives her great pleasure. Finally, the textbook is revealed in the right place, but Ira does not sit still. She runs to the kitchen to eat cookies and drink water. Returning, the little sister is accepted not for reading, but for drawing. She is already tired, and her hand thoughtlessly drives along the sheet, displaying flowers, dolls in elegant dresses and various scribbles.

However, you need to finish your lessons quickly. The earlier the better. And Irina returns to reading.

Hooray! All lessons are done! Carefully put together notebooks and textbooks, we collect a portfolio for tomorrow. The student is free – you can go for a walk!

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My little sister is doing homework