Woman at war

A woman, fragile and tender, she is a mother – the continuer of the family, her main task is to keep the hearth, educate children, prepare food. And the war makes her become cruel, forget that she is a woman, to take up arms, to become strong and courageous. On this topic: a woman in the war, written many books.

In the work of Vasiliev “A Dawns Here Are Quiet” shows the girls who came to the war, they never saw the enemy and did not shoot with automatic weapons. The main characters: Sonia Gurvich, Galya Chetvertak, Lisa Brickin, Rita Osyanin, Zhenya Komelkova. They decided to come to war themselves, like men, defending their homeland from the enemy. Each girl had her own plans for the future, but the war treacherously destroyed all dreams and hopes.

Lisa Brichkina fell in love with the sergeant-major Vaskov a few weeks before her death, perhaps between them there was love. Sonya Gurvich met her fate before the war, but her lover went as a volunteer to

the front. Galya Chetvertak was raised in an orphanage and always dreamed of her family. Zhenya Komelkova was shot by relatives, she came to fight to avenge them. Rita Osyanina already had a family, she had a beloved husband and son, her husband died on the second day of the war, this was the reason for her decision to go to the front.

And they need to go to the task, to fight the enemy. They have to go through the swamp, they are scared, they are not adapted to this, one of them leaves the boot in the swamp. But, despite this, they fight with themselves, kill their own fear, go ahead. The task set by the leadership is fulfilled, the Germans are stopped. But at what cost? Five young girls were killed, their lives were cut off, and never began. The confrontation was unequal, the battle was cruel and merciless. Only Sergeant Major Vaska survived, he captured the remaining Germans. In this image, the author shows the best qualities of a soldier. He was able to withstand, to go through the war to the end, he raised his son Rita Osyanina, kept his promise.

Girls could become good mothers, loving and caring wives, they could have grandchildren. But the war ruined their fate. It’s terrible that women die in the war, because their purpose is to create, not destroy.

War is a terrible crime against humanity, it destroys everything, it does not feel sorry for children, men, women, or old people.

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Woman at war