Composition on the theme of the description of man

I love my grandmother and spend the whole weekend with her.

The grandmother is small on growth, thin, with blue veins on a neck and arms or hand. The facial features are expressive, clearly delineated, and correct. They point out that before she was beautiful. I especially like her eyes. In her eyes, there was never a falsity, no slyness, no trickery. Her blue eyes are lit from the inside with a soft, lively glow, they radiate warmth and sincerity even when the grandmother is angry.

Whenever I arrived, my grandmother had a white handkerchief, which sharply shaded black eyebrows and a sunburnt face. Grandmother knows many fairy tales, and I like listening to her quiet slow tale. That’s it, my dear grandmother.

They say that a person is a mirror of a person’s soul. And indeed it is. I am convinced of this when I look at my friend. His affable, open face always radiates some kindness. He looks like an ordinary guy. The face is long, lean, sunburnt in the sun. A tall forehead, on top of which the combed sides fit lightly, a thick black hair is cut short. The nose is straight. Wide black eyebrows scatter on the bridge of the nose, languages ​​in flight to the wing bird. From under them look big round blue, like the summer sky, eyes. Their glance is clever, good-natured, straightforward and frank, like every honest person. But enough of some even the least injustice, how the view changes dramatically. The eyes become angry and piercing.

Comrade my average height, broad in the shoulders, strong, dexterous, hardy, because he is constantly engaged in sports.

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Composition on the theme of the description of man