Viking cruelty. Alfred the Great

Germans cruelly treated the Celts, but they themselves suffered from the cruelty of the Vikings, especially the Danes.

From the end of the VIII to the middle of the X century. the north-eastern part of England was devastated by the Danes, who left no stone on it. Medieval author sadly reported that the Danes killed people and livestock, destroyed churches. The Anglo-Saxons did not have enough strength to plunder these robbers. Danes first made bandit raids, and then generally settled in England. At the end of IX c. they divided the country with the Anglo-Saxons, they got its north-eastern part, the Anglo-Saxons – south-west.

Strongly fought against the invaders King Alfred the Great. He saw that the people’s militia could not cope with the Danes, so he created a professional army. To destroy pirates from the coast of England, the navy was built. The Danes did not know how to storm castles, so the king built border guard fortresses. He introduced a special tax – “Danish money”, which went to the defense of the country from the Danes.

Alfred the Great was an enlightened man. He opened a school in his palace, ordered that monks and priests translate the church books into the people’s language. At the same time, the King began to conduct the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which preserved the memory of the most important events in the life of medieval England.

The measures taken by Alfred the Great to strengthen the defense of the state had a temporary success. In the X – early XI century. England was conquered by the Danish King Canute the Great. He created a large state, which also included Scotland, Norway and Sweden. But in 1042 Anglo-Saxons rebelled and overthrew the power of the Danes.

The Danes are residents of Denmark.

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Viking cruelty. Alfred the Great