Germany – the next empire. Otto I the Great

The territory of Germany, inhabited by German, Roman and Slavic tribes, was first part of the Frankish Empire. After this empire fell, the local feudal lords elected Henry I as their king in 919. Germany, thus, became a separate state, but divided into several large self-governing regions: Alemania, Bavaria, Franconia and Saxony.

After Henry I, the German king was Otto I the Great. He had to deal with the warlike nomads-the Magyars, who from the end of the 9th c. did not give rest to Europe with their devastating raids. For protection from the Magyars, the king built small fortifications – burgs and created a strong horse army. In 955, in Bavaria, he dealt a crushing defeat to the Magyars, after which for ever he did not want to sow death and devastation on the continent.

In his state Otto I tried to subjugate the big feudal lords who labeled the local kings. This was supported by the German clergy. It was support from the church that turned him into the most powerful

Western European monarch. Otto I was no longer satisfied with the German crown, he dreamed of becoming the ruler of the Roman Empire, and that there is an empire – the whole Christian world!

But for this dream to come true, it was necessary to take possession of Italy.

Taking advantage of the dynastic struggle in Italy, Otto I conquered Lombardy and proclaimed himself its king. He very much wanted to boast of the imperial crown, but only the Pope could crown it.

With the pope one had to reach an understanding. As they say, the catcher and the beast flee. Pope John XII quarreled with the Italian nobility and turned for help to the German king. Otto I did not lose time. He again went to war against Italian cities, captured Rome and put John XII on the papal throne. What happened next, you probably already guessed. The grateful father in 962 crowned Otto I with the imperial crown. The German Empire, which, besides Germany and Northern Italy, also included Bavaria, was eventually called the Holy Roman Empire. The new empire lasted until 1806.

Otto I was not averse to seizing also South Italy, but it was not allowed there by the Byzantines and the Arabs.

After the death of Otto I, the royal power in Germany weakened. Local dukes became king in their lands. The state of turmoil began.

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Germany – the next empire. Otto I the Great