The best literary works of the Middle Ages

Prominent in the medieval literature of Europe was the heroic Epos, which originated in the era of the Great Migration of Nations.

For a long time, in the depths of the bygone years, A
living song was composed by the poet
About the wise, kind kings
And about their artful enemies,
About the knights, who are eager to fight,
To accomplish their feat there,
And about the princesses – to them love
Excites the heart, wakes up the blood.

Epos praised the struggle of ancient kings and heroes for the victory of Christianity. It closely intertwined with historical truth and fiction. One of the best epic works of the Middle Ages was the Anglo-Saxon “Legend of Beowulf.” It tells of the exploits of a young warrior who defeated a terrible monster, but died in the fight against the dragon. The best works about mythical adventures are also the Icelandic Saga. But the French epic “The Song of Roland” and the Spanish “Song of Side” were not about mythical, but about historical events: the first – about the campaign of Charles the Great to Spain, the second – about the liberation of Spain from the Arabs.

The most famous medieval literature in Europe was the German-Scandinavian epos, “The Song of the Nibelungs.” His hero Siegfried defeated the terrible dragon and took possession of the magical treasures of the Nibelungen dwarfs. Among them was a gold ring, capable of bringing wealth. The legend of the Nibelungs suggested that it is gold that makes a person powerful. This legend was used in the XIX century. German composer Richard Wagner in his operas The Gold of the Rhine, Valkyrie, Siegfried and The Death of the Gods.

Epos – heroic folk songs, thoughts, poems, tales.

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The best literary works of the Middle Ages