Composition “What is the use of mathematics?”

If you think seriously, then we use the knowledge of mathematics every day. Everywhere we come across numbers – on the dial of the clock, on banknotes, in the timetable of lessons. We have to perform simple and complex mathematical operations all the time – to calculate how many minutes the favorite film will start, how much change should be given in the store when the bus arrives.

Mathematics brings order to our life. Thanks to it you can plan your time. My parents always plan a family budget for a month, consider how much you need to pay for utilities. I have a piggy bank, and thanks to math, I know how much more I need to collect money to buy what I want.

I like math lessons at school. They teach accuracy and attentiveness, because it is worth only making a mistake on a unit, and the answer to the task will be already wrong. Therefore, people who work as engineers, accountants, programmers necessarily know the mathematics at a high level. And if you want to have a good job in the future, you need to learn math.

They say that everything is known in comparison. Mathematics allows us to know how much more, longer, wider, more expensive than another. Without the knowledge of mathematics it is impossible to build a house, a car. If it were not for mathematics, we would never have computers. Mathematical calculations are used by all other sciences in the world.

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Composition “What is the use of mathematics?”