1. What were the most ancient cities on our lands? The lands of Russia in 9-10 centuries. foreigners called the “country of hail”. “Grads”, that

The Byzantine society consisted of aristocrats, officials, clergy, merchants, intellectuals, artisans, peasants and slaves. Vassal relations in it did not work out. Aristocrats lived at

In the early fifth century. the Roman troops permanently left Britain, inhabited then by the Celtic tribes. The dust had not yet settled behind them,

1. What icons were created in Cossack times? Created icons and Cossack times. During the second half of the 17-18 centuries. especially popular in Ukraine

In the second half of the XIV century. The Russian princes had already acted harmoniously against the Horde. In 1378, the military forces of the

The execution of Jan Hus overflowed the cup of people’s patience. Numerous supporters of Jan Hus, the Hussites, rebelled. But among the rebels there was

In the XIII century. In medieval Europe there are heretical movements associated with the emergence and flowering of cities. It was in the cities that