Knighthood and knights in the Middle Ages

Knighthood entered the bright page in the history of medieval European culture. In their epic works, those knights whom God bestowed on the “honey of poetry” sang the boundless devotion of the knight to the beautiful and noble lady, layman to the church, vassal to the seigneur. In the XII century. from ancient Celtic legends about King Arthur and knights of the Round table there were knightly novels. They sang a passionate love. Especially touchingly depicts love in the pearl of medieval literature – the novella Tristan and Isolde. There were talented poets among the knights. Poets-knights in all their glory sang of female beauty and their tender feelings for women. It seemed that the knight, in order to render service to the lady of the heart, was ready to commit the most dangerous feat! But in society, women were not so enthusiastic.

Courteous literature is the literature of the Western European Middle Ages, which sang chivalrous love, honor, and deeds.

The sagas are tales of kings and heroes in Scandinavian countries.

Troubadours are medieval wandering poets-singers in the south of France.

The truvers are medieval wandering poets-singers in the north of France.

Minnesingers are German medieval poets-singers.

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Knighthood and knights in the Middle Ages