Sights of Great Britain

Great Britain honors its traditions, medieval buildings and everything that is going on around the royal power. To get acquainted with the architecture of Great Britain it is possible to begin with England, or rather, from London. There are many world-class attractions here, including the Big Ben Tower, the visiting card of London.

This watch is part of the Palace of Westminster, which is located on the Thames. The complex includes: British Parliament and Victoria Tower. This abbey began to be built in the 12th century, but the final date of all buildings is the 16th century.

In London, there are many other attractions – Buckingham Palace is the main residence of the Queen. However, nothing will convey the atmosphere of the Middle Ages as the Tower – the castle, which was different objects, including the prison where the royal blood people were dying. Also worth noting is the Tower Bridge, which connects the banks of the Thames.

Also in the capital of

England you can visit famous places – the British Museum, the Wax Museum, various galleries. Hampton Court Palace is a very significant place, there lived a large number of monarchs, and the building itself has an unusual appearance in different styles of architecture.

The Royal Botanic Garden is also located in London and here you can see exotic flowers and plants from all over the world. The garden is located on 121 hectares of land and it houses the Alpine House, Mink’s House, the Chinese Pagoda and other buildings. From the parks in London, you can distinguish Greenwich – a unique place where the Royal Observatory and Hospital, the Queen’s Lodge, the National Maritime Museum and other buildings are located.

In Oxford there will be something to see – the famous university and other educational institutions of the old model. Also the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary, the Cathedral, the Museum of the History of the City, the old bookstore Blackwells and other important buildings. England in general is rich in castle structures that belonged to both kings and aristocrats: Bro, Bodiam,

Kenilworth, Pradho, Leeds, Tingatel, Scarborough, Hadley and others. In every county there must be a castle, and almost everyone can visit – Manchester, Oxford, Rochester, and this is not half of the list.

If the route lies to Scotland, it is worth to visit the capital – Edinburgh, where the Edinburgh Castle is built, which captivates with its ghost stories, the National Gallery of the country and the Cathedral of St. Giles. The whole city is divided into two parts – the old one, where there were masterpieces of medieval architecture and a new one, where the buildings date back to the Renaissance period. In Scotland there is also the Scone palace, the castle of Brodie and Cowdor, as well as the unusual buildings – the castle of Sterling and the Visokkurnia in the Neo-Gothic style.

We must not forget about the lake Loch Ness, a world-famous place with a legend about the monster Nessie. The huge city of Glasgow will open before the eyes of many museums and unique old creations.

Wales is rich in its quirks and atmosphere. Painted trees will remind you of the druids, the boat house of Dylan Thomas, as well as the tiniest house in the UK.

From the castles here you can pay attention to Konuy with a suspension bridge. Nature has given Wales beautiful nature and unusual places – karst caves, waterfalls Vail of Nit, and in the national parks Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia you can feel the unity with nature.

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Sights of Great Britain