Biography of Alexander the Great

Biography of Alexander the Great

Alexander of Macedon is the Macedonian king, the great commander, the founder of the Macedonian empire, better known in the west as Alexander the Great.

Early years

Alexander the Great was born in the autumn of 356 BC. e. in the capital of Ancient Macedonia – the city of Pella. Since childhood, the biography of Macedon has been training in politics, diplomacy, military skill. He studied with the best minds of the time – Lysimachus, Aristotle. He was fond of philosophy, literature, not given to physical joys. Already at the age of 16, he tried on himself as a king, and later as a commander.

Rise to power

After the assassination of the king of Macedonia in 336 BC. e. Alexander was proclaimed a ruler. The first actions of Macedon at such a high state

post were the abolition of taxes, reprisals against the enemies of his father, confirmation of the alliance with Greece. After the suppression of the uprising in Greece, Alexander the Great began to consider the war with Persia.

Then, if we consider a brief biography of Alexander of Macedon, followed by military action in alliance with the Greeks, the French against the Persians. In the battle near Troj many settlements opened their gates to the great commander. Soon he was almost all Asia Minor, and then Egypt. There Macedonian founded Alexandria.

King of Asia

In 331 BC. e. The next major battle with the Persians at Gaugamela took place, during which the Persians were routed. Alexander conquered Babylon, Suzu, Persepolis.

In 329 BC. E., when King Darius was killed, Alexander became ruler of the Persian Empire. Becoming the king of Asia, he was subjected to repeated conspiracies. In 329-327 years BC. e. fought in Central Asia – Sogdiana, Bactria. Alexander in those years won a victory over the Scythians, married the Bactrian princess Roxane and went on a campaign to India.

The general returned home only in the summer of 325 BC. e. The period of wars is over, the tsar has taken control of the conquered lands. He carried out several reforms, mainly military.


Since February

323 BC. e. Alexander stopped in Babylon and began planning new military campaigns against the Arab tribes, and then on to Carthage. He collected troops, prepared a fleet and built canals.

But a few days before the campaign, Alexander fell ill, and June 10, 323 BC. e. died in Babylon from a severe fever.

Historians have not yet established the exact cause of the death of the great commander. Some consider his death natural, others put forward versions about malaria or cancer, the third – about poisoning with a poisonous medical product.

After Alexander’s death, his great empire disintegrated, wars began for power among his generals.

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Biography of Alexander the Great