Composition on the theme “Cruelty of people”

Our world is cruel, and stupid is one who does not understand or does not recognize this. The notorious law of the jungle and natural selection – all this scientifically explains cruelty, gives it meaningfulness. And, strangely enough, this feature of the surrounding world was created not by man, but by nature itself. Strong animals devour the weak, so it was always. The problem is that a person, in theory, does not need to harm his fellow humans, because he is already at the top of the food chain and he does not need to adapt, survive. But cruelty in human society did not diminish from this.

People do harm not only to themselves, but to all living things, mostly for pleasure, either for stupidity or for some kind of gain. But none of these reasons, as for me, has no justification. And in general, cruelty as such has no justification. Saying that other people make a cruel person, we do not achieve anything, but only get into a vicious circle. As for me, if this man is wiser,

he would not respond to cruelty with cruelty. Just this habit is worked out by generations. It’s even more than a habit, it’s a herd instinct. Once everyone does that, and I will. As one great man said: “When people are like crooked thinking, they become violent.” When they become so, no one, even the King, can stop them. ” And this is the true truth…

The protagonist of the text of V. Astafiev in the final scene asks God to give all the cruel people of mercy. But, it seems to me, if something is to be asked, then prudence. As Theodore Roosevelt said: “I think that worse than the cruelty of the heart, there can be only one quality – the softness of the brain.” If people are any smarter, they would understand that poor animals are not to blame for anything; that weak or sick people who are incapable of standing up for themselves are not to blame for anything; that cruelty is not an option, and it is possible to solve problems peacefully. And then our world would become much kinder, and the people themselves. It would be nicer for him to live.


girl in a red coat, in fur shoes, in a fluffy cap, fed pigeons from a bag, and they circled round the girl in a round dance, inflating the crawl, clapping, pecking at each other, rubbing sideways.” The girl laughed, poured crumbs and crumbs and kept repeating: , what kind! U, what. “And on the bench sat her father, smoked, frowned from a weak but already warming sun and encouraged the girl, praised her for diligence, and at night he shoveled dead pigeons into the body of the car, and when they heated their full body, took them to a landfill and burned them There he returned home the next morning. ” cautiously passed the daughter’s bed, which was deeply asleep. Her hands were well, washed with soap, and the girl smacked her lips sweetly, even smiling at something. And when I heard from this calm father, calmly telling how “unintentional”

But the tick can not be killed at this time – he, numb, sleeps in rotten stumps, under the bark and under the bark, but the bird in that area has wiped out all the dirt. And the birds were there, birds! Already poisoned, but still alive, able to move, the bird-grouse, black grouse, hazel grouses flew out at sunrise, warmed themselves and fell dead on a narrow path, and so many of them fell, that when I walked in the spring along this path, under my feet I had crunched bird skeletons and ankle-length boots, went into the pen, and it was hard and viscous to go, as if gently sinking moss. But I walked, walked, blinded by tears, and could not curse, but I prayed some half-forgotten passage from the old prayer, myself, my children, all the people, so carefree and cruel: “God, mercy repay me, and mercy repay me. and mercy. “(According to V. Astafyev)

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Composition on the theme “Cruelty of people”