Russia My native land

I call Russia my homeland, because I was born and live here. I really love my Motherland. Here live my relatives, friends and comrades, whom I also love. All the inhabitants of my Motherland understand the Russian language, so they can communicate without problems.

Russia is the world’s largest state. It is washed by two oceans at once. I mean the Pacific and Arctic oceans, and there are even more seas in Russia. On these seas, Russia has a large fleet, and yet it has huge reserves of natural resources. For example, gas, oil, gold and others. In Siberia and the Russian Far East, large forest areas with wildlife have been preserved. But, despite the huge resources, most of the population of Russia is not rich.

My Motherland is also a republic and a federation. And Moscow is the capital of my country, it is by population itself more than some countries in Europe.

Russia is a multinational country, therefore it is divided into federal republics, autonomous provinces and districts. They live in almost two hundred different nations, large and small. They are Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs, Chuvashs, Azeris, Ukrainians, Jews, Chukchi and many others. All of them are called Russians. All of them should live in peace, because they have one country. Unfortunately, it often happens in a different way. But I hope that by the time I grow up, quarrels between the peoples in my country will cease.

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Russia My native land