Writing honor and dignity

Human dignity is his inner values ​​in life. Each individual has some of its own values ​​and views on what is happening, but there are general, approved by years, priorities. This is the honor of the family, kindness to children, respect for the graying of the elderly, the desire for self-improvement. And no matter what difficulties you have to endure throughout your long life and how many times you will have to make a difficult choice, the main thing is not to lose your dignity and sense of inner peace. It’s very hard, but the feeling of satisfaction and pride in yourself can not be replaced by anything.

Quite often, people make unworthy decisions for the sake of material benefits, thereby feeling an inner emptiness and humiliation, although the goal has been fulfilled. In this case, in order not to suffer from remorse, one should listen to one’s personal convictions and not be manipulated by other people. It is necessary to bring up the strength of character.

Of course, it is not always possible to maintain a sense of personal dignity. This can be observed on examples of wars, repression and other extraordinary situations. But not all people lose their inner core even in bad times. And you can observe such heroes both in history and in the modern world. After all, they take on themselves the entire burden of dignity. Yes, it is cargo. Because in history there are cases and with a fatal outcome of people who defended their vital position, not submitting to attacks from the aggressors. They are role models.

Severe life situations take place in the life of each person. Break, swim with the flow or with pride to get out of the circumstances – the choice of the person. It will not be easy, but at moments of uncertainty, you need to think about the fact that an inner core and a sense of personal dignity can not break down temporary problems. After all, they can be solved, albeit through great efforts, but the character and spiritual strength will only get stronger from this. Everyone should try to live with dignity. Educate yourself in your personal hero.

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Writing honor and dignity