Writing my day

I love my school a lot. I like to spend time there. For me, the days when I miss school very quickly and, every weekend, I can not wait to go back to it.

My day at school is very full. First we sit in class. I do not like all the lessons and teachers are not very good, but it’s not every day. Sometimes days are just wonderful, especially if there is physical education and drawing. I really love playing ball in physical culture. I like football, but the teacher does not always allow me to play with the boys. And I also like to draw. I get the best of nature and really like it. The teacher even asked if I wanted to do extra work, but I do not have time. Since after the lessons I additionally do dances. If I choose between drawing and dancing, then I prefer dancing. I watch all the programs about dances and in the future I want to knit my life with dances.

After such a busy day, I come home and do my homework. I do not dance every day, so sometimes after school I can walk a little with the guys in football or sit with my friends. Sometimes I did not have time to do all the lessons, it was already late, and my mother swore that I went to bed. But I had no bad marks. I performed at all contests and concerts, so I was forgiven a lot. I do not brag about this, but dances already help me a lot in my life.

The time when you are at school the most carefree and joyful. You see your friends every day, talk to them, walk and even go home. We part with them for a little while, since from school we came back late, and time will fly by quickly. And no matter how tired I am sometimes, all this knowledge will be useful to me in life. And only it is necessary to carry out all tasks with a positive mood and life at school will be the brightest and cheerful. School time is the most favorite.

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Writing my day