The composition “My favorite tree”

My favorite tree is an oak tree. Maybe this is a very simple answer, even trivial. NOT an exotic palm tree, but the native oak was remembered to me. I did not hesitate for a long time and did not decide which tree to call loved. I like all the trees, even those that are crooked and corroded by bark beetle. I generally love nature.

Oak is a real handsome man, a king among the trees. He proudly rises in a forest glade, fraternizes with his congeners in an oak grove, lonely rustles a branchy crown in the field. And always the oak remains itself. He has a strong, thick trunk, and in the earth – long and powerful roots, which draws juices from life for life. The root system of the oak extends far below the ground, holds the tree firmly. They say that a strong storm is one that turns the oaks from the root. If this is so, then I just do not know what kind of force there must be such a storm. After all, the oaks are known for their strength.

For a long time the oak was a symbol of man’s strength and strength. There are many legends, legends and fairy tales in which oaks appear. Zaporozhian Sich, as I read in history, was surrounded by oak forests. It is not without reason that legends about Vernadub, a man who could turn oaks from the earth, tell in Ukraine. One can only marvel at its enormous power. Perhaps such a man existed and in fact. If this giant really lived, then I consider his actions very useful. He lost so many wonderful works of nature. Oaks are beautiful trees, they perfectly clean the air. Oak is also a decoration of the forest, a symbol of longevity, a sacred tree.

The fruits of oak are acorns. The shape of the oak leaves can not be confused with any other tree. Oak loves sunlight. Well, I love the oak tree.

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The composition “My favorite tree”