Sounds of autumn

Every season has its own sounds. They are so unique and vivid that many composers were inspired to create musical works on the themes of the seasons. Autumn melodies are the most impressive. What are the sounds of autumn remembered first? The sound of the first school bell – the children go to school in the fall. The sound of an alarm clock – now it is necessary to get up early, and so it would be desirable to have a nap. The sound of a kettle that boils, because you need to have time to drink tea before school.

And you will hardly leave the house, as you are surrounded by another symphony of sounds. You walk through the park and the wind with noise rips off the leaves and throws you under your feet. You deliberately shuffle a little on these fallen leaves and you get such a nice loud rustle – one of the most beloved sounds. Birds that fly to winter in the far south edge make a circle on their native expanses and loudly scream. Especially impressive is the flashing of flying cranes: if you’re lucky enough to see and hear this, you will not forget it for long. This is a real sound of autumn.

If in rubber boots to slap in puddles, then a characteristic sound also turns out. And in the second half of autumn puddles at night are already covered with a frosty crust of ice and this ice crust so crisp and cheerfully crunches underfoot.

If you go out into the field or into the forest, then there are much more sounds, they sound much more romantic. That’s just fine days in the fall is not so much. Sometimes all day you have to sit at home by the window and listen to the measured beat of rain – the most frequent and repetitive sound of autumn, a little sad.

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Sounds of autumn