What is a dream?

What is a dream?

In the composition there are references to S. Georgiev’s story “Collar”.

Option 1

A dream is a hidden goal, to which man strives. It can be quite simple, it can be serious, but you need to persevere towards it.

It’s amazing that sometimes several people dream about the same thing, but because of the sacredness of their dreams, they do not talk about it. So it happened with the heroes of S. Georgiev’s story. Probably, they would never have learned that everyone dreams about a dog, if the child did not buy a collar. It was this purchase that revealed their aspirations. It turned out that the brother and father dreamed about the puppy, and my mother secretly bought from everyone even a dog’s bowl. They wanted to have a dog for many years,

and if they had shared their desires, their dream could have come true much faster.

And here is an example of the embodiment of a dream that is admirable. A small, sickly child passionately dreamed of becoming a military, famous military leader. The will of this boy and the work on himself did their job: the name of Generalissimo AV Suvorov is known throughout the world.

The dream comes true for those who do everything for its implementation.

Option 2

A dream is a cherished desire, which, when fulfilled, makes a person happy. And happiness will bring happiness only in the event that a person goes to her.

The cherished dream of all family members in the story of S. Georgiev was the purchase of a dog. The first person who tried to bring his dream closer to reality was Mom. She secretly got a bowl from everyone. But the little boy, having refused dinner, bought something that made everyone act, a collar. And soon the puppy brought by his father made everyone happy in this house.

An example of a dream, to which a man went for many years, can serve as the story of the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes. As a child, he stuttered a lot, but to get rid of the defect, he picked up pebbles and pronounced speeches on the seashore in the noise of the surf. His dream came true: he became the greatest master

of speech.

If a person strives to realize the dream, it will come true.

Option 3

A dream is a kind of happiness, to which they strive, which they often think about and sometimes try to hide from outsiders. It is very important that there are people around who would not kill her.

Dream of the heroes of the story S. Georgiev – the acquisition of a puppy. Everyone secretly thought about this for a long time, but only when the collar appeared in the house, the heroes calculated how much this dream of time! Fortunately, the head of the family was a wonderful father, and the dream of his sons came true. The puppy appeared in the family, and he certainly made everyone friendlier and happier.

Dream Assol, the heroine of A. Green’s story, also became a reality thanks to another person. Gray, like a good wizard, picked up scarlet sails, which became a symbol of a dream come true.

A good magician in the realization of the dreams of others can become each of us.

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What is a dream?