Biography Svetlov Mikhail Arkadevich

(1903 – 1964)

Svetlov Mikhail Arkadievich (1903 – 1964), the poet. Born June 4 (17 N. s.) In Ekaterinoslav in a poor Jewish family. He graduated from the Higher Primary School. The First World War, the October Revolution, the Civil War did not provide an opportunity to continue education. Svetlev joins the Komsomol, goes to the defense of his city as part of the 1st Ekaterinoslav territorial infantry regiment and has been participating in battles for several months. Then he moved to Kharkov, where he works in the press department of the Central Committee of the Komsomol of Ukraine. Here was published the first book of his poems “Rails” (1922).
In 1922, together with the poet M. Golodnyi comes to Moscow, whose literary life captures young poets.
In 1926 a book of poems “Night Meetings” was published. In Moscow, he studies at the rabfak, then at the Literary Department of the 1 st Moscow State University, at the Higher Literary and

Art Institute. V. Bryusov, where he met E. Bagritsky, friendship with whom continued for many years.
In the blue cold bayonets,
And the star looked at us
Because of the smoke clouds.
Our horses walked slowly,
Weakly sensing the occasion.
I said to him: – Mercury Is
called a star.
Before the battle painfully dull
Light his blue stars pour..
And he asked:
– And in Russian
How Mercury is called?
He sternly waited for an answer;
And went for the clouds
Foreign planet,
Scared of the peasant.
Quiet, quiet…
Rarely, rarely
Screech of carts will come.
We left in the morning for exploration, the
steppe and grass – our night’s lodging.
Quietly, quietly… Finely, finely
Midnight splashed wine,
We got into a gunfight,
We will not leave from here.
I said to him barely audible:
“We can not stand the fire.”

Turn around, breathe,
Turn the horse.
As we walked into the night dampness
As we fled through the darkness –
We will not tell the commander,
We will not tell anyone.
He looked from under his cap,
He replied:
– I do not care!
We are not rabbits, in fear of the
hunter to flee.
How will I get up before the world
How will he look at me,
How do I tell the commander,
What fled from the fire?
I would rather, night sometimes
died in the saddle,
I’ll be happy under the earth,
The wretched on earth…
slammed with bullets, Death at midnight wandered:
A bullet hit his forehead,
A bullet penetrated my chest.
The night rang with stirrups, The
motive dragged along,
And Mercury swam above us –
Foreign star.
. (1927)
Talent M. Svetlov manifested itself in full force in the verses of the Civil War. In 1926 the famous “Granada” was written, in 1930 another masterpiece of the poet – “Kakhovka” was created. Both poems became songs and gained rare popularity. Years later, “Song of Kakhovka” passed along the roads of the Great Patriotic War.
In the mid-1930s, Svetlev turned to drama: “Deep Province” (1935), “Fairy Tale” (1939), “Twenty Years Later” (1940).
During the war years, Svetlev was a military correspondent for the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda” on the Leningrad front. In 1942 he wrote the poem “Twenty-eight”. The poem “The Italian” (1943) received enormous popularity. Front impressions were reflected in the play “The Brandenburg Gate” (1946).
After a considerable break, a collection of poems “Horizon” (1959) and the last book of the poet – “The Hunter’s House” (1964) appeared. September 28, 1964 M. Svetlov died in Moscow.
A short biography from the book: Russian writers and poets. A short biographical dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

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Biography Svetlov Mikhail Arkadevich