Summary of Georges Bizet

Summary of Georges Bizet



Bizet is a great realist artist. His cheerful, colorful and temperamental music is distinguished by melodic richness and dramatic expressiveness. The national-democratic aspirations of the French composers of the 19th century were half a mile in Bizet’s work, their most complete and vivid embodiment.

Georges Bizet was born in Paris on October 25, 1838 in a musical family. The outstanding abilities of the boy showed up early: for four years he already knew the notes, nine – he entered the Paris Conservatoire. His phenomenal rumor, memory, brilliant pianistic and compositional data delighted the teachers. Bizet was repeatedly awarded at the Conservatoire contests, and at the end of the course in 1857 he was awarded the right to spend three

years, for improvement, in Italy. These were years of intense creative search. Bizet tried his strength in various musical genres: he wrote a symphonic suite, a cantata, a one-act operetta, piano pieces and romances. But the true calling of Bizet is a musical theater.

On his return from Italy, Bizet created the opera The Pearl Seekers (1863) for an exotic story about the love drama of Leila and Nadir, and then Perth’s Beauty (1867). Both works were of moderate success, and the composer continued his intense search. “I’m going through the crisis,” he said in those years. The crisis was overcome under the influence of events related to the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871) and the Paris Commune. Opera “Jamile” (1872) marked the onset of creative maturity; psychological expressiveness is combined in her music with the brightness of oriental color. Then the music for the drama A. Dode “Arlesianka” was created. Rich in colorful folk paintings, faithfully embodied the characters of the drama, she opened the direct path to the opera “Carmen”

Bizet died of heart paralysis before reaching the age of 37, on June 3, 1875, on the outskirts of Paris.

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Summary of Georges Bizet