Biography of Tchaikovsky

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is a famous Russian composer, conductor. One of the greatest composers of the world, the author of more than 80 pieces of music.

Early years

Born Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky April 25, 1840 in the city of Votkinsk in the large family of an engineer. The house of Tchaikovsky often sounded music. His parents were fond of playing the piano, organ.

In the biography of Tchaikovsky, it is important to note that already at the age of five he already knew how to play the piano, three years later he played excellently on notes. In 1849, the Tchaikovsky family moved to Alapaevsk, and then to St. Petersburg.


Tchaikovsky received his primary education at home. Then Peter spent two years at the boarding school, after which – in the school of jurisprudence of St. Petersburg. Creativity Tchaikovsky in this period was manifested in facultative music lessons. The death of the mother in 1862 greatly affected the vulnerable child.

After graduating from the school in 1859, Peter began to serve in the Department of Justice.

In his spare time, he often visited the opera house, especially the Mozart and Glinka opera performances.

Having shown a penchant for composing music, Tchaikovsky becomes a student at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Further studies in the life of Pyotr Ilyich from the magnificent teachers N. Zaremba, A. Rubinstein largely helped the formation of the musical personality. After graduating from the conservatory, composer Tchaikovsky was invited by Nikolai Rubinshtein to the Moscow Conservatoire as professor.

Creative and personal life

Many concerts Tchaikovsky were written while working in the conservatory. The opera “Ondine” was not staged, the author destroyed it. Only a small part of it was later presented as Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake.

It should be noted briefly that in 1877, in order to get rid of gossip about his non-traditional orientation, Tchaikovsky decided to marry a conservatory student Antonina Milyukova. Not feeling feelings for his wife, a few weeks later,

he left her forever. Since then, the spouses have lived separately, they have not been able to divorce due to various circumstances.

In 1878, he left the conservatory and went abroad. At the same time Tchaikovsky closely communicates with Nadezhda von Meck – a rich fan of his music. She maintains correspondence with him, supports him financially and morally.

For two years of residence in Italy, Switzerland, there are new magnificent works of Tchaikovsky – the opera “Eugene Onegin”, the Fourth Symphony.

In May 1878, Tchaikovsky contributed to children’s music literature – he wrote a collection of plays for children called “Children’s Album.”

After the material help of Hope von Meck, the composer travels a lot. From 1881 to 1888 he wrote a lot of works. In particular, waltzes, symphonies, overtures, suites.

Finally, in the biography of Peter Tchaikovsky, a calm creative period was established, at the same time the author himself was able to conduct at concerts.

Death and heritage

Tchaikovsky died in Petersburg on October 25, 1893 from cholera. He was buried in the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg.

The name of the great composer is named streets, conservatories in Moscow and Kiev, as well as other musical institutions in many cities of the former USSR. Monuments are installed in his honor, his name is the theater and concert hall, symphony orchestra and international music contest.

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Biography of Tchaikovsky