Summary Sergey Ivanovich Taneyev



Taneyev is an outstanding Russian composer and music figure. In his work, the traditions of Russian classical music developed, and first of all Tchaikovsky Taneyev strove for art, imbued with philosophically significant ideas and a high ethical principle. In his numerous works of various genres, he appears as an artist-thinker, masterfully mastering the most sophisticated means and techniques of musical art. At the same time, many pages of his music are endowed with deep emotion and warmth.

Sergei Ivanovich Taneyev was born on November 13 (25), 1856 in Vladimir-on-Klyazma. Musical education was completed at the Moscow Conservatory by PI Tchaikovsky (class composition) and N. G. Rubinshtein (piano class). After the termination of the Conservatory in 1875, Taneyev’s multi-faceted activities began as a pianist of a teacher, a scientist (the author of the fundamental work on polyphony) and a composer. In 1878, Taneyev was invited

to teach at the Moscow Conservatory; for 25 years he leads classes of polyphony, free composition or piano, directs the student choir and orchestra. Among the students of Taneyev – S. Rakhmaninov, A. Skryabin, R. Glier, Z. Paliashvili and others.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Taneyev’s first significant works appeared: three symphonies, an overture, a series of chamber instrumental, and vocal works, and the cantata John of Damascus (1883). Taneyev’s creative work acquired wide scope in the 1890s and the 1900s. At this time Symphony in C-minor (1898), six string quartets, two quintets, a cycle of romances op. 17, as well as the opera Oresteia.

During the revolutionary events of 1905, in protest against the actions of the reactionary directorate of the Conservatory, Taneyev left in her teaching work, but continued to conduct it free of charge at home.

In the last decade of the composer’s work his monumental cantata “Upon reading the Psalm” (1914) stands out.

Taneyev died on June 7 (19), 1915 in the village of Dyutkovo near Zvenigorod.

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Summary Sergey Ivanovich Taneyev