Characteristics of creativity

Tchaikovsky is a deeply national composer. In works he shows the life of Russian society, its way of life; gives a picture of Russian nature. The music is intonationally close to the Russian folk song. The composer himself wrote: “As for the Russian element in my music in general, that is, related to folk song techniques in melody and harmony, this is due to the fact that I grew up in the wilderness, from childhood, from the earliest, imbued with the inexplicable beauty of characteristic features Russian folk music, that I love Russian element in all its manifestations to passion, that, in a word, I am Russian in the fullest sense of the word. “

P. Tchaikovsky, incorporating the best achievements of European and Russian musical culture, relying on Russian folk art and urban romance of the XIX century, created classical examples of Russian national musical art. He created a lyric opera, Russian classical ballet; his piano and violin concerts are a great contribution

to the world of chamber-instrumental music. His pianistic miniatures and lyric romances began to sound in a new way.

The music of Tchaikovsky is lyrical. The main means of expressiveness is the unfolded melody. The melody includes both the broad melody of the Russian folk song and the sing-declamatory expressiveness of human speech. The music of Tchaikovsky is distinguished by simplicity and accessibility with high professional and artistic skill. The harmony and form in Tchaikovsky are determined by the content. Harmony is rich and diverse, but without an abundance of colorful details, everything is subject to tension and dynamism, the continuity of development. Sequential type of development is widely used. In the works of Tchaikovsky dance rhythms often sound, especially the rhythms of the waltz, and not only in his ballets, but also in symphonies, operas, chamber-instrumental and vocal music. Like Glinka Tchaikovsky perceived the song and dance melodies of other peoples: Ukrainian, Italian,

Tchaikovsky’s path as an opera composer is difficult and tortious. He aspired to create a lyric opera based

on a realistic perception of life, not pretending to be entertaining external action and portraying not idealized romantic heroes in extraordinary circumstances, but people close to contemporaries. The artistic result was achieved only in the fifth opera – the opera “Eugene Onegin”.

Unlike operas, in the first symphonic works Tchaikovsky found his original language and style. Already in the first symphony a new interpretation of the symphonic cycle, new techniques of instrumentation and the courage of harmonic plans are born. An individual melodic style is created.

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Characteristics of creativity